Warzone Loot Overhaul will remove your trusty backpack forever

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Warzone player carrying loot rucksack with stronghold in background
Credit: Activision

A Warzone leak claims a major overhaul to the current looting system is in the works, removing the controversial backpack system for good.

The launch of the second Warzone chapter introduced a wealth of changes that were soon reverted due to player backlash. One adjustment that's managed to withstand the test of time is the introduction of a backpack.

A backpack system enables players to store extra armour plates, killstreaks, and ammunition for the best guns and weapons which they can select during the latter stages of a match. Instead of having to leave valuable items for an opponent to use against them, this mechanic allows players to prep and plan more over the course a game.

News of the potential change quickly generated plenty of debate among players wondering if the adjustment would positively or negatively impact the game. However, it seems the backpack system isn’t long for this world.

First reported by Warzone content series PullzeCheck, the backpack system will disappear completely.

Warzone expert JGOD says: "I heard a leak that eventually it's just gonna be phased out." Fans were quick to share their thoughts on the potential change. One says: "Backpack system is good, but needs adjustment as to what you can store in terms of overpowered items. I think with the right balance it can be a great asset."

On the other hand, many are excited by a potential return to a simplified structure. One fan thinks: "If this is true this is a massive W. [The backpack] Just slowed down the game and had no benefit. Warzone 1's system was way better, hopefully they revert back to it."

As with all leaks, it's important to take them with a pinch of salt until Raven Software shares more information on what it has in store when the Urzikstan map arrives to the battle royale this year.

When it was first introduced, the Warzone backpack system was far too fiddly to navigate in a fast-paced battle royale environment but thanks to Raven Software's chances, the current system is somewhat useable. If the leak is accurate, it'll be interesting to see how the developer plans on reworking it.

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