Warzone bug that gave players unlimited money fixed by Raven Software

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Screenshot of Warzone player standing on bag of money and Warzone player aiming down sights of sniper rifle
Credit: Activision

Grabbing all of the cash on offer in Warzone is extremely important to obtaining the strongest items during a match. A few thousand dollars is often enough to purchase a loadout drop or a UAV that can reveal the locations of any nearby players.

As Season 4 Reloaded starts progressing, some of those loading into the action have been far from impressed with the content on offer in the mid-season update content, while others are already getting to grips with the MX Guardian shotgun, which is dominating the meta.

Recently, however, a bug has been impacting matches in the game by giving players a limitless amount of money to spend on all kinds of game-changing items.

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded money glitch fixed

Seeking to shed some light on the issue, user aur0n has headed to Reddit and shared a video clip from a recent BobbyPoff live stream.

In the clip, after calling in a portable buy station, the streamer purchases a Munitions Box before opening fire on it. A few seconds later, huge piles of money appear.

One frustrated fan in the thread reacted to the clip by declaring: “(Warzone is) more bug than game.” Meanwhile, other players seem to believe the glitch is so farfetched, they don’t think it’s an accidental bug. “In a normal, perfectly working bug-free game, there’s no coding that allows a buy station to spit out money. It makes zero sense,” says one.

For those looking to replicate the exploit to gain the upper hand, you're out of luck, as Raven Software has already intervened and applied a fix.

Following the fix, BobbyPoff was quick to thank the work of the developers, saying: “There (are) a few more things that need some fixing by the way…but this is a start!”

With the issue now fixed, let’s hope another unintentional get-rich-quick scheme doesn’t appear in Warzone anytime soon.

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