Warzone fan claims Season 4's health changes have ruined a weapon category

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Screenshot of Warzone player using bolt on a marksman rifle and Ghost standing on the exit ramp of an aeroplane while holding a gun
Credit: Activision

Maintaining a balanced playing field in Warzone is a tricky task for the game's developers. As players continue to drop into the action during the early stages of Season 4, they're still getting to grips with how the most recent dose of weapon buffs and nerfs have changed things.

This latest seasonal update for Call of Duty’s battle royale has introduced the Tempus Razorback and the ISO 45 into the weapon arsenal, and, while some older weapons are still standing out from the crowd, others have fallen down the ranks.

In addition to the new weaponry, an increase in player health has led one fan to claim that change has ruined the performance of some existing guns.

Are some Warzone weapons ruined?

Reddit user ThisMemeWontDie believes the increase in player health to 150 points has "killed certain guns” that once dominated the action.

The player says: “Marksman rifles(EBR, TAQ-M, Tempus and such)/SO-14 have been essentially killed with the health changes.” They also believe the sudden reduction in performance is similar to what happened in the original Warzone, adding: “We had this situation in Warzone 1, when they made (similar) health changes and it took them months to buff Marksman rifles.”

However, others believe there are still plenty of viable options to use as part of a loadout. User No_Bar6825 states: “(The) long range (weapon) meta is still decent.” At least that’s one positive, despite the lack of marksman rifles that can now contend with other weapons in the arsenal.

Infinity Ward and Raven Software haven’t shared plans to apply buffs to marksman rifles, but with just a few weeks to go until the launch of Season 4 Reloaded, there’s always a chance of the developers making changes that could enable players to use all of the game's weapons without any drop-off in performance. Until then, it’s probably best to stay clear of marksman rifles.

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