Warzone 2 fail sees player killed by unexpected item

Warzone 2 player reviving and Warzone 2 player aiming with gun
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 player reviving and Warzone 2 player aiming with gun
Credit: Activision

Thanks to the extensive Warzone 2 weapon arsenal, there are a multitude of ways to end up in the gulag or out of the match altogether. Thankfully, there are a few items that should protect players from an early exit.

With the launch of Season Three on the horizon, fans are looking forward to the return of the legendary Intervention sniper rifle and tweaks to Ricochet anti-cheat that enable players to turn invincible so they can gain the upper hand over any hacker they encounter.

One member of the community has managed to score the strangest death in the history of Warzone after attempting to use an item to get them back into the action.

Do self-revives kill Warzone 2 players?

During a recent Resurgence match, Reddit user Booraz149 found themselves in a tight situation. After an opponent managed to down them, the player attempted to use a self-revive but instead of them climbing back on their feet, the completed revive sent them to the main menu.

As expected, the community were quick to react to this unfortunate misdemeanour. “That’s very strange,” comments one user. Many assume that the lethal self-revives are another game-breaking bug to add to the ever-expanding list, but one eagle-eyed player believes they’ve found the cause of the issue.

“You got shot by a third party,” explains one commenter. “You can see rounds coming in from the lower right through the door hitting the guy at the door, and some of the rounds do just enough to take you out.”

Aside from the unusual self-revive behaviour, the majority of those that have watched the clip are concerned by Booraz’ loadout selection. “An SO-14 and sniper loadie? Bruh.” It’s safe to say that there are better weapons available but it doesn’t detract from the series of unfortunate events Booraz experienced on Ashika Island.

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