Warzone 2 ranked devs ban overpowered killstreaks

Screenshot showing Warzone 2 bomb drone killstreak and a Warzone 2 player firing an RPG at a truck
Credit: Activision

Screenshot showing Warzone 2 bomb drone killstreak and a Warzone 2 player firing an RPG at a truck
Credit: Activision

The Warzone 2 ranked rules are slightly different to the standard battle royale modes. In Season 3 Reloaded, the competitive playlist for Call of Duty's battle royale went live and players are dropping into Al Mazrah for a shot at earning valuable SR to climb the leaderboards.

With different rules to go by, the mode launched in beta, enabling the developers to make adjustments to various aspects of the game ahead of the Season 4 update.

As the battle for the top 250 heats up, Treyarch has decided to remove two killstreaks several members of the community deem to be overpowered and capable of negatively impacting matches.

Warzone 2 ranked killstreaks removed

On May 17, 2023, the developer tweeted it had restricted the Cluster Mine and Bomb Drone from competitive play, much to the delight of fans dropping into the action.

As a result of the change, Bomb Drones and Cluster Mines will no longer appear in buy stations and won't appear in any loot containers. Replacing the killstreaks is the Revive Pistol which enables players to revive their squadmates from a distance.

Treyarch also states the streaks could return as part of a future update once balancing changes are made, so they're viable for competitive action.

Fans were quick to praise the developers for acting quickly to stop the streaks from ruining ranked matches. "Literally the only studio keeping the franchise going," claims one user that believes Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games aren't doing enough to maintain a high-quality product.

There's a high possibility of further changes arriving to Warzone 2 ranked in the not-too-distant future. Season 4 is bound to bring a wealth of new content ranging from new guns to weapon balancing that has the potential to shake up the existing meta.

The change is also a hugely positive sign for fans losing faith in the current cycle due to numerous issues impacting gameplay. Treyarch was quick to act and plans on maintaining a level playing field for the remainder of the Warzone 2 cycle.

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