Warzone 2 players want overpowered vehicle removed

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Warzone 2 bridge and Warzone 2 player calling in killstreak
Credit: Activison

Vehicles are a key ingredient when it comes to navigating your way around the Warzone 2 map. The battle royale contains plenty of options that allow players to move across the land, sea, and air at breakneck speeds.

Following the Season One Reloaded update, players continue to drop into the action despite some claiming that it’s the worst update in Call of Duty history. With numerous members of the community suggesting further changes to the game, some want tweaks to vehicles.

This particular vehicle is arguably the largest and most difficult to destroy resulting in players asking developers to remove it from Warzone 2 altogether.

Warzone 2 heavy chopper needs removing

In a Reddit post from “dnd511” Infinity Ward needs to remove the heavy chopper from the battle royale. The user says they provide players with “a very cheesy way to win and require zero skill” when it comes to piloting the helicopter around Al Mazrah.

Instead of removing them, others have suggested a simple nerf to its health would make them much easier to deal with. “Don’t get rid of it” says one commenter. “They just need nerfed or we need a better counter to them.” You’d think a launcher would act as a solid counter but they’re unable to send a heavy chopper packing.

Another fan claims the heavy chopper is a leftover asset from DMZ, demanding “they need to at least remove their ability to repair at gas stations” to stop players from flying around the final circle in a bid to score a victory.

It’s unclear if heavy choppers will disappear from Warzone 2 anytime soon so it’s probably best you stock up on ammunition and unleash the firepower if you see one flying overhead.

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