Warzone 2 players want one-shot snipers to return

Warzone 2 player wearing ghillie suit holding sniper
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 player wearing ghillie suit holding sniper
Credit: Activision

Despite the best efforts of Infinity Ward, the Warzone 2 weapon balance is all over the place. Although numerous buffs and nerfs from the mid-season update arrived, the meta remains largely unchanged heading into the final weeks of 2022.

While a popular secondary weapon received a hefty nerf, primary weapons that dominated the first half of Season One continue to prove extremely popular with players looking to gain the upper hand in Al Mazrah.

Sniper rifles are a hot topic of conversation within the Warzone 2 world. Their lack of firepower means most of them are unable to take down an enemy with a single bullet. That’s frustrating many players, so they want one-shot snipers to make a comeback.

Warzone 2 one-shot snipers

In a recent poll created by Reddit user “BeyesBeyar,” nearly four and a half thousand fans reacted to this simple question: “Do you think they [Infinity Ward] should bring back one-shot sniping?”

To nobody’s surprise, over half of the votes are in favour of snipers receiving a buff so they’re able to eliminate fully armoured players with one bullet to the head. There’s still plenty of appreciation for the current sniper meta, with a thousand voters believing Warzone 2 plays better without the ability to one-shot an opponent.

Although the vote sees a clear demand for a sniper buff, the reasons behind Infinity Ward’s decision to tone down their immense power are logical. One user points out that “snipers would be OP” if they had even more firepower. On the other hand, a buff would prevent players from reapplying armour plates and avoiding a trip to the gulag.

Either way, any potential changes to the current gameplay are bound to cause debate. Snipers still deal high damage when you’re battling at long distances, and any potential buffs could do more harm than good.

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