Nickmercs wins first-ever Warzone 2 match

Image showing NICKMERCS wearing FaZe jersey and NICKMERCS streaming Warzone 2
Credit: NICKMERCS / FaZe Clan

Image showing NICKMERCS wearing FaZe jersey and NICKMERCS streaming Warzone 2
Credit: NICKMERCS / FaZe Clan

Nick “Nickmercs” Kolcheff is no stranger to Warzone. The FaZe Clan member and content creator often dropped into Verdansk showcasing his skills to viewers on a regular basis but as the game moved to Caldera, the streamer moved away from the battle royale.

Citing Caldera’s poor design and the number of cheaters ruining matches, Nickmercs switched to Apex Legends eventually managing to earn an invitation to the opening split of next year’s Apex Legends Global Series Pro League.

As Activision prepares for the launch of Warzone 2, the streamer was one of many content creators at the Call of Duty Next event where he managed to score the world’s first Warzone 2 victory much to his delight.

NICKMERCS back on top

The battle royale extraordinaire joined forces with fellow content creators Smixie and Scope for the very first Trios match on the new Al Mazrah map. After managing to outlast the circle split, Nick found himself against the two remaining opponents.

With some well-placed shots from the Kastov 74u, Nick eliminates them with ease to secure the first win in Warzone 2.

Judging by his reaction following the win, the streamer seems impressed with what Warzone 2 has in store. The game contains huge differences from the first Warzone title. The most notable being a more in-depth loot system and the lack of loadouts dominating the kill feed.

For those worried about not having access to your favourite guns in Warzone 2, there are ways to earn them. Taking control of a Stronghold is one way of earning game-changing rewards along with heading to a black site where even stronger loot is available to earn.

Although fans approve of the new map, one player claims Infinity Ward has “played it safe.” “It looks almost the same as MW1,” suggesting various improvements are needed. However, the gameplay was from an alpha build, so there’s plenty of time for the developer to iron out any issues before its launch.

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