Warzone 2 loadout drops return to buy stations

Warzone 2 player holding gun and Ghost operator
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 player holding gun and Ghost operator
Credit: Activision

The launch of Warzone 2 saw the glaring omission of loadout drops from buy stations, meaning you needed to complete Strongholds or wait until the latter stages of a match in order to get your hands on your favourite loadouts.

Not having to collect cash as fast as possible created a slower pace as players worked their way through Strongholds filled with AI to obtain the rewards.

Following the Season One Reloaded update and a barrage of criticism from the community, Raven Software has taken the reins from Infinity Ward, revealing the addition of loadout drop grenades in all buy stations across Al Mazrah.

Warzone 2 loadout drops are back

On December 20, the developer in charge of the first Warzone published some festive lyrics to confirm the arrival of loadout drop grenades in all battle royale modes. If you were waiting for an increase in pace, this is hugely positive news.

Judging by the comments, most players are extremely pleased with the reappearance of loadout drops in Al Mazrah’s buy stations. However, there are many that are still waiting for the return of one-shot sniper rifles and adjustments to the gulag that returns it to a one-versus-one battle.

On the other hand, the change hasn’t gone down well with everyone. Content creator GeekyPastimes seems sceptical of the developer reverting Warzone 2 innovations in favour of the old formula from the first iteration of Warzone.

Warzone 2 loadout drop price

Instead of having loadout drop markers at the same price across all modes, Raven Software has adjusted them so they’re still difficult to obtain. Solo players will need $8,000 to buy a marker while duos will require $16,000. With multiples of eight the theme, the cost of a loadout marker is $24,000 in trios and $32,000 in quads.

Considering it takes a while to earn huge amounts of cash during a Warzone 2 match, heading to a Stronghold and clearing out some AI is still a viable option if you want to earn a loadout without spending money.

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