Warzone 2 gun levels playing field between keyboard and controller players

Warzone 2 gun keyboard controller leveller
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 gun keyboard controller leveller
Credit: Activision

Throughout the short history of Warzone 2, players have debated whether using a keyboard and mouse is superior to a controller. The benefits of a keyboard and mouse combination give players dripping into the action additional aiming precision while controller players receive aim assist to compensate.

With Season Two in full swing and players mastering the best Ashika Island landing spots on their way to a win, there’s no sign of the battle between keyboard and controller dying down.

However, the recent discovery of a weapon that levels the playing field in close-quarters combat means there’s very little to separate the two inputs.

Warzone 2 shotgun is 'great equaliser'

Following the most recent seasonal update, Reddit user Sthepker believes the addition of the KV Broadside gives keyboard and mouse players a chance to compete against controller players in those hotly-contested close-range battles.

Warzone 2 shotgun keyboard controller leveller
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Credit: u/Sthepker

“It feels great to finally be able to get a jump on AA (aim assist) players within 10m and actually win gunfights,” says the player. “The hip fire on this thing is incredible.” However, there are several sceptics who believe that even battles won’t last long. “That gun won’t stay this strong forever. It’s fun now though,” says one fan.

Considering the meta changes on a regular basis, there’s every chance a KV Broadside nerf arrives in the not-too-distant future which is far from ideal for keyboard players wanting some way of competing against the power of controller aim assist.

Is controller better than mouse and keyboard?

Ultimately, there’s very little to decide between the controller and keyboard when it comes to Warzone 2. The extra aim assist makes a difference in several scenarios but the additional precision that comes with a mouse also has its benefits. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference.

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