Warzone 2 loadout drop leads to embarrassing elimination

Warzone 2 loadout drop and Warzone 2 player aiming gun
Credit: Activision

There are several ways for a player’s Warzone 2 match to come to an early end. Call of Duty’s battle royale features an extensive weapon arsenal and a range of equipment capable of scoring kills but there are some occasions when the game doesn’t want fans to go any further.

Ahead of Season Two Reloaded, players continue dropping into Al Mazrah and Ashika Island. Although the developers have improved movement over the rocks, there are some instances where it’s still impossible to navigate them when another obstacle is in the way.

In a bid to get their hands on their favourite loadout, one player manages to bring their game to a premature end in what’s a series of unfortunate events.

An epic Warzone 2 loadout fail

During a recent visit to Ashika Island, Reddit user ResponsibilityTasty1 dives onto a nearby loadout drop but mistimes the dive. Instead of grabbing the goods, they end up with no way past resulting in the gas claiming another victim.

It’s unclear as to why the player is unable to move around the loadout drop and evade the damage considering there’s a gap around both sides. There’s a high chance the incident is an isolated one but if more players are getting trapped, it won’t be long before the developers rectify the problem.

Accidental deaths due to loadout drops aren’t anything new in Warzone 2. Another player mistimed their marker and instead of it landing on a nearby rooftop, it bounces off the building and onto the unsuspecting player.

Although the death isn’t how ResponsibilityTasty1 wanted to end their game, at least their teammates were on hand to spend some cash and get them back into the action.

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