What's the best Warzone 2 ultimate perk?

Warzone 2 best ultimate perk
Credit: Activision

Warzone 2 best ultimate perk
Credit: Activision

When it comes to gaining an advantage over the opposition in Warzone 2, there are various factors to consider before dropping into the action. Call of Duty’s latest battle royale offering contains a huge variety of weapons and a range of perk packages that provide all kinds of benefits.

Ahead of Season Two, Raven Software made the decision to remove the hugely popular Birdseye perk thanks to its ability to provide players with the exact location of players with every ping of a UAV.

With perk customisation still a few weeks away, players are discussing which is the very best ultimate perk to use during a match.

The best Warzone 2 Birdseye replacements

Considering there’s a limited selection of perk packages that don’t utilise Birdseye, Reddit user kneegrowth457 puts two potential alternatives to a vote. “Wondering what everyone’s go-to ultimate perk is now that Birdseye is gone.”

On one hand, Ghost conceals the location of players from airborne UAVs but on the other, High Alert pulses the screen when an opponent manages to see you. Both have their pros and cons but the majority are leaning towards High Alert as the best Warzone 2 ultimate perk.

“High Alert seems to be the go-to,” comments kneegrowth who believes the perk has huge advantages in solo matches where awareness is hugely important when making it to the final few circles of a match.

Although Birdseye has disappeared for most there are a few lucky members of the community that still have the ability to use it. “I still have Birdseye,” reveals one player that’s experiencing a bug that allows them to customise their perk package ahead of the brand-new season.

Raven Software hasn’t revealed when Birdseye will make a return to Warzone 2 but with a heavy nerf expected, the chances of High Alert and Ghost dominating the early Season Two meta are high.

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