Valorant: Riot Release Competitive Esport Rules And Policies

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Competitive esports is an aspect of gaming that Riot Games is very familiar with.

It's obvious they're looking to replicate their success with League of Legends in Valorant.


Over the past few months, there has been a number of competitive events held for Valorant.

Numerous organisations have attended and pro players have begun making a name for themselves in the scene.

Today, Riot released their policies and rules on competitive play that any official event must follow.

Riot Releases Competitive Play Rules

Every game needs a rulebook for competitive play that teams and players can refer to.


Today, Riot released the official competitive policies and rules for Valorant esports.

Check out their statement below

Today, we are releasing the first versions of competitive policies that will serve as the cornerstones of VALORANT esports. Over the past few months, the feedback you shared has been invaluable in helping us identify the necessary structures to ensure the current, and future, competitive integrity of our sport. Thank you to the many players, teams, fans, and tournament operators whose contributions helped shape the policies we are releasing today.

It's fair to say rule book is a tad long-winded and not the most exciting read, but it's fundamental in establishing a successful esports scene.


You can check out the rule book here if you fancy flicking through it.

Either way, this is great news and we can all look forward to the upcoming Valorant competitive events.


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