TimTheTatman Explains Everything Changing With His Move From Twitch To Youtube Gaming

TimTheTatman moving to YouTube Gaming from Twitch was huge news, but it also raised some questions. What will happen to his long streams and regular content? According to Tim, the majority of his videos are being moved around.

TimTheTatman reorganized his channels after moving from Twitch to YouTube Gaming, and he added a new one. Tim has five different YouTube channels at this point, and things have been moved around quite a bit. For those of you who want to support TimTheTatman, we've outlined exactly what will change.

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TimTheTatman Moved To YouTube Gaming From Twitch

Obviously, he needs subscribers. TimTheTatman has fewer subscribers than MoistCr1TiKal. There is a lot of getting used to where things will go, the video is below, and we have a guide underneath.

To sum up:

  • All regular Twitch Content is moving to TimTheTatman
  • All regular TimTheTatman content will move to More TimTheTatman
  • All More TimTheTatman content will move to the newest channel Even More TimTheTatman
  • TimTheTatman Two will remain the same
  • TimTheTatman Shorts will remain the same

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It's pretty easy to understand when written down. The thing is, saying all of this makes things seem convoluted, especially to people who don't know Tim. Tim explained that he discussed the issue with many friends who do YouTube gaming and then came up with the idea.

He promises to change things if it doesn't work. Who knows, maybe another channel will form if it doesn't work? Even so, it's great to see Tim thrive on YouTube Gaming after all that's happened.

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