Is NICKMERCS leaving Twitch for YouTube Gaming?

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UPDATE NICKMERCS Signs the biggest deal of his life (and it may be with YouTube Gaming): "I Signed The Biggest Deal Of My Life." NICKMERCS Teases A HUGE Contract As His Twitch Deal Nears Its End

Timothy 'TimTheTatman' Betar recently left Twitch for YouTube Gaming. The focus is now on Nicholas 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff, as it weeks from two years (the regular length of a Twitch contract) of resigning with Twitch. Jack 'CouRageJD' Dunlop and TimTheTatman, NICKMERC's close friends, have already left, and it is expected that he will leave soon as well.

In addition to being sued, Twitch is hurt by losing all these streamers to YouTube Gaming. According to those who have left, YouTube Gaming offers a lot of freedom, which streamers have not said about Twitch. Nickmercs has not yet commented on anything, but we expect him to do so soon.

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Is NICKMERCS leaving Twitch for YouTube Gaming?

Right now, it looks like he will. TimTheTatman would never leave Twitch without first talking to his friends. NICKMERCS even mentioned CourageJD in the tweet about Tim leaving, so he must have known.

The old tweet is below:

NICKMERCS is a very dedicated friend, and even though he may disagree with his friends, he always does so respectfully. It is likely that NICKMERCS' contract expires at the end of this month since it has been two years since he signed his last contract. Most likely, he will leave with his friends, but there is always the possibility of him staying with Twitch.

After NICKMERCS posts a video regarding his decision today, we will update this article with the answer. We are all just speculating at this point, because the contract may even be longer, although that is doubtful. He only signed three years with FaZe Clan, but didn't make state any additions to the regular Twitch contract.