Telltale's The Walking Dead Info Coming at E3

The Walking Dead, one of the most propular franchises from episodic masters Telltale Games, will not be launching into its third season in 2015. Fans of the story driven zombie centric title will no doubt be disappointed to hear this news, with Season 2 having finished in 2014. The Director of PR at the studio, Job J Stauffer, posted the following Tweet.


To re-clarify, no, TWD S3 is *not* starting in 2015. But what I am seeing this week will be, and it is insanely cool. Stay close, news soon!
— Job J Stauffer (@jobjstauffer)
May 12, 2015

He also bore a silver lining however, noting that Telltale fans should expect news of a related project in the near future. He went on to further clarify that this announcement would be taking place at E3 and is heavily expected to be related to The Walking Dead, considering the statement that "Walking Dead fans are getting something major in 2015". 

Telltale Games are also the studio working on episodic video games for hit frnachises such as Game of Thrones, Minecraft and Borderlands. Expect to hear more news on their upcoming unannounced projects at E3 next month.

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