Team Ninja Working on Romance Of The Three Kingdoms Action Game, Koei Tecmo CEO Says

Koei Tecmo CEO Ko Shibusawa confirmed that Team Ninja, responsible for the likes of Nioh and Final Fantasy Origin, is currently working on another game. This next title will be another action game based on the long-running Romance of The Three Kingdoms series.

Team Ninja's Romance of the Three Kingdoms

The Koei Tecmo CEO said during the company's 40th anniversary stream that Team Ninja's game will be set in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms universe. Shibusawa also confirmed that Omega Force will be working with Team Ninja for this project. However, the project is likely still early in development, as there were no other hints and no trailer for it.

In the past years, Omega Force has been known almost exclusively for their musou titles, such as Dynasty Warriors and the Hyrule Warriors spinoffs, including the most recent, Age of Calamity. With at least nine Dynasty Warriors and its spinoffs under its belt, Omega Force is no stranger to the genre or the Romance of the Three Kingdoms universe.

As for what they have planned this time, it looks like we'll have to wait a while longer to know more.

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