Dynasty Warriors' Live-Action Movie Arrives On Netflix Next Month

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After years of unexplained delays, Dynasty Warriors' live-action film adaptation is finally coming to Western audiences on July 1, 2021. Having previously launched in China and Hong Kong on April 30th, Netflix has recently announced it's handling the Western release with English subtitles.

Unlike most gaming adaptations, Dynasty Warriors isn't a Hollywood production, having been filmed inside Hong Kong by HMV Digital China. As such, it released early in those territories, but curiously, filming actually finished back in 2017. After an initial 2019 release date was missed, it re-appeared back in March.

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Dynasty Warriors Live-Action Movie Arrives On Netflix Next Month

Notably, this film covers the Yellow Turban Rebellion, which led to the fall of Dong Zhuo. That's also Romance of the Three Kingdoms' opening event, the ancient novel Dynasty Warriors is based on. As you can see, it looks like they've captured the spirit of those large-scale battles Koei Tecmo's hack-and-slash series is known for.


Elsewhere, Netflix has been hosting Netflix Geeked this week, which has promised fans "a wide array of exclusive news, new trailers, live art, drop-ins from your favorite stars and much more". That ends tomorrow, but not before Geoff Keighley hosts a gaming segment. Should we get any further reveals there, we'll keep you updated.