Steam Machine Release Date Revealed, Pre-Orders Open

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Earlier in the day, Valve announced that the very first wave of its Steam Machine is set to debut at retail later in 2015, making its way to market on November 10th. 

Pre-orders and pricing have been simultaneously revealed as well, with a number of different models offering a multitude of options and decisions for potential buyers. Alienware's Steam Machine is first in line, with four different models hitting retail from the get-go, ranging in price from around £290 all the way up to £490 (that's $449 through to $749 for those overseas readers).

Valve's official controller for all Steam Machines is also set to become available on the same day, with the final design being made available alongside pre-orders opening. It'll set you back roughly £40 if RRP is anything to go off of. You can check out how the controller will actually look and feel in the advertisement from Valve below.


Alongside the base machines and controllers, the Steam Link box is also set to release on November 10th. The Steam Link box allows users to link their Steam Machine directly to their televisions, enabling instant streaming of games to the big screen in a move extremely reminiscent of the console gaming experience. The Steam Link box is once again set to cost an additional £39.00, though it can be purchased in a bundle with the controller if users so desire. 

Any games that do not have a Linux version will require the Steam Link box in order to operate. Of course, a large number of titles do have support, making it much less than a necessity in the majority of cases. 

Customers at GAME will be able to purchase the official controller and Steam Link box two weeks early, on October 16th. Pre-order customers are expected to begin receiving their PCs from this date onwards.

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