Star Wars Jedi fans debate whether Survivor's combat will actually be more brutal than Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's Cal Kestis in combat.
Credit: EA/Respawn.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's Cal Kestis in combat.
Credit: EA/Respawn.

If you’re a big Star Wars fan, odds are you’re looking forward to the next entry in Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi series arriving later this month.

While the sequel to 2019’s Fallen Order is guaranteed to feature plenty of recognisable locations and characters throughout its worldspace, there are still plenty of mysteries and mechanics players have been left relatively in the dark about.

One such feature concerns the game’s lightsaber combat, with some prospective players on Reddit currently being locked in a debate regarding just how brutal the array of finishing moves they’ll have access to will be compared to the series’ previous entry.

Are you hoping to be able to unleash some truly devastating lightsaber takedowns in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

Their battle-based bickering forms the subject of a recent thread on the subreddit r/FallenOrder, which began with a post from user BeansWereHere, who shared a clip of a pretty savage fight with a Nydak they’d had in Fallen Order’s training mode and said: “Previewers have been calling Survivor (a) much more brutal (game), (I) think they forgot how brutal (Jedi Fallen Order) can be.”

User kdjfjrjke suggested that the two ideas don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive, saying: “The game can still be more brutal than Fallen Order, I mean the dismemberment of Stormtroopers alone makes Survivor far more brutal than Fallen Order (in my opinion). Pair that with more finishers, enemies, stance variation, etcetera, and I don’t think it’s even close.”

Similarly, user TheGoldenDragon0 proposed: “My guess is that they are referring to (a) drastic increase in dismemberment (across a range of different enemies). Fallen order has dismemberment in certain creatures I believe, but it looks much more common in Survivor, which makes sense because Cal is much more skilled with his lightsaber and more attuned to the force by this point.”

On the other hand, user Artur_Araujo asked: “Aren't they referring to general difficulty? I mean, I know about the dismemberment and new finishers, but I've been interpreting those comments as (the game being) harder, not bloodier.”

The thread on the subreddit r/fallenorder.
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Meanwhile, some of the Jedi in the thread were more interested in trying to emulate the vicious kill from BeansWereHere’s clip, with user ANDERSON961596 saying: “I had no idea you can one tap Nydaks. (I’m) definitely gonna try to get the hang of this, these guys drive me nuts.”

This prompted BeansWereHere to reveal: “Yeah, it’s really fun to pull off, it also looks awesome. And, as a plus, it’s not even hard to do even on grandmaster (difficulty), which is what the gameplay is (set to).”

Regardless of whether you’re planning on jumping back into Fallen Order to polish up your lightsaber skills ahead of Survivor’s release, make sure to check out the massive array of helpful guides we’ll be putting out to aid your quest to become a Jedi master.

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