Star Citizen: Release Date, Price, Squadron 42, Trailer and Everything You Need To Know

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Star Citizen might be one of the biggest games ever – certainly in terms of budget.

Initially funded through Kickstarter, the game raked in over $300 million from backers according to official statistics earlier this year.

Here's everything we know about the mammoth title, including its Squadron 42 single-player component.

Latest News

New Dev Videos – March 1

Cloud Imperium Games has revealed further looks at the game's new Gatling gun, as well as the new inventory system.

Check them out below:

Star Citizen: What Is It?

Developed by Cloud Imperium Games and directed by Chris Roberts of Wing Commander fame, Star Citizen is in early access and is being released one "module" at a time.

The most recent module to be released focused on a "Persistent Universe" and launched in 2015 and has been continually updated since.

Other modules include a combat-focused Arena Commander mode, as well as a first-person shooter segment.

The game offers multiple career paths, from combat-focused missions, to exploration, or to trading.

Star Citizen Release Date And Price

The game has come under criticism for its protracted development and ever-shifting timescales, and despite being announced in 2012, there's still no firm release date.

Instead, players need to purchase a bundle of the content they want to purchase.

At present, the cheapest way to get into the game is $45 for a starter pack, but you'll then need to pay a further $20 for Squadron 42.

What Is Squadron 42?

Squadron 42 is the game's single-player campaign, but it remains in development.

The game features the acting talents of Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Mark Strong, Andy Serkis, Henry Cavill and Ben Mendelsohn among others.

Squadron 42's first episode is slated to offer around 70 missions for a total of 20 hours of gameplay.

Check out a teaser trailer below:

Star Citizen Trailer

The game's latest trailer, for Alpha 3.12 "Assault on Stanton", is below:

Star Citizen Platforms

The game is currently only slated for Windows.

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