Star Citizen's 'Assault on Stanton' Dynamic Event Will Offer Huge Battles Against An AI Fleet

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Star Citizen, Cloud Imperium Games' massive, open-ended space sim is kicking off its biggest ever event this week.

Following the game's most recent Alpha update (3.12), players are being tasked with taking on a terrorist organisation dubbed as XenoThreat as part of the 'Assault on Stanton' event.


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Star Citizen's First Dynamic Event Will Offer Huge Battles Against An AI Fleet

Check out the trailer below:


The server-wide, 'Dynamic Event' promises to be "unmatched in size, scope, and scale" when compared to other events in the game so far, according to a press release.

The event will feature multiple phases that will play out over several days. It'll also be the first time that players can join forces with the UEE Navy and take on AI controller fleets including huge capital ships.

The event will kick off later this week, although no timing has been provided by the developer as yet. Players can follow the latest updates at the game's official site here.

Whenever it does begin, the Assault on Stanton event will run for multiple days.


To join, players need to login and look for communications from the Civilian Defense Force.