Sony's Santa Monica Studio Were Once Developing Six Days In Fallujah

David Jaffe's recent interview with Days Gone creative director John Garvin has made the news for multiple reasons.

While coverage has mostly focused on Days Gone's cancelled sequel, and a bizarre outburst blaming players for not buying it at full price, David Jaffe offered some surprising news regarding controversial FPS Six Days In Fallujah's lengthy development, which is launching later this year.

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Sony's Santa Monica Studio Were Once Developing Six Days In Fallujah

As transcribed by VGC, Jaffe asked Garvin: "Did you know Six Days in Fallujah was actually in development at Sony Santa Monica for a while?”, to which Garvin replied that he was at the greenlight meeting.

Elaborating further upon this, Jaffe advised "any time that game started to really become something that they wanted it to be a real look at war, companies kind of said ‘yeah, thanks but no thanks. So, I don’t know what this new one is going to be in terms of, are they gonna get there".

Responding to this further, Garvin advised "It’s a tough one. We’re in a climate where, man, you’re just stepping literally in landmines."

Originally developed by Atomic Games, publishers Konami suspended their involvement back in 2009, citing the controversial nature of its depiction towards the Second Battle of Fallujah.

This isn't the first time Jaffe has discussed the game, either. Before restarting development with Highwire Games and Victura, he previously revealed Sony's interest back in 2012, confirming on Twitter that developer Allan Becker was looking at funding this.

Eventually, nothing came of this, and it remains unclear just how far this got with Santa Monica Studio.

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