Skyrim mod will let you barbecue some skeevers while you wait for the Starfield Direct to kick off

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Some charred skeevers in Skyrim alongside an NPC from Starfield.
Credit: Bethesda/wSkeever on Nexus Mods.

Modders have put an awful lot of effort into making sure Skyrim has continually evolved and expanded in the years since it was first released into the world.

Many have focused on changing the game by adding fresh quests, challenging dungeons, and interesting spells to it, with a few even going as far as giving your Dragonborn the chance to receive their letters from a friendly goat courier or gain some Dragon Priest-inspired powers.

If you’re someone who’s looking for something to do in Tamriel while you wait for Todd Howard to take the stage at this weekend’s Starfield Direct, a new mod might be worth taking a look at.

Feel like improving your barbecuing skills in Skyrim while you wait to see some more of Starfield?

The mod in question is called ‘Scorching of Skeevers - Get Charred Skeever Hide and Meat’, and is the latest work of prolific modder wSkeever. Some of their previous projects have given you the chance to help Belethor’s sister take over his shop in Whiterun, and massively expanded the game’s pool of wall-mounted home decorations.

This time, they’ve taken it upon themselves to make it a lot easier to acquire charred skeever hide and charred skeever meat, by making it possible to turn any living skeever that has the misfortune into the rare charred kind you can sometimes find roasting over the fires of giant and bandit camps, by blasting them with your fire magic.

As you can see in the showcase video above, any of the poor creatures that you douse in flames will take on bright orange scorched appearance and drop a sample of charred hide or meat, making it a lot easier to get your hands on both.

This is potentially more useful than you might expect, given the former is an alchemy ingredient that can be used in cure disease and restore health potions, both of which can come in handy no matter what kind of character you’re playing.

That said, if you’re a conjuration mage, the mod also comes with one other cool little feature, this being that if you reanimate any skeevers you’ve killed by charring, they’ll retain their cooked appearance, allowing you to be flanked by an army of barbecued buddies.


Meanwhile, if you’re a fan of grilled food, but want to cook up something a bit less grisly than rodents, you might want to grab another of wSkeever’s works, ‘Cooking with Fire’, which will let you do the same to all of the raw grub that can be heated up at a cooking pot.

Regardless of whether you’re now enjoying an interesting appetiser while you wait to feast on some info about Starfield, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the interesting world of Bethesda game modding, including our top mods of the month.

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