Skyrim mod provides the perfect cottagecore-style farm for those who crave relaxing vibes

Leaf Fall Farm in Skyrim.
Credit: Skyking2020 on Nexus Mods.

Leaf Fall Farm in Skyrim.
Credit: Skyking2020 on Nexus Mods.

Modders have put an awful lot of effort into making sure Skyrim has continually evolved and expanded in the years since it was first released into the world.

Many have focused on changing the game by finding fresh ways to improve its combat or adding everything from interesting new quests to subtle immersive details to it, with a few even going as re-creating dungeons from other Elder Scrolls games or serving giant sweetrolls to the province’s populace.

If you’re someone who’s more interested in finding somewhere snug and scenic to chill out between dungeon delves or store all of the cool collectables you’ve picked up during your adventures, a new mod might be worth taking a look at.

Feel like checking out another idyllic Skyrim player home this weekend?

The mod in question is called ‘Leaf Fall Farm Player Home’, and is the work of prolific modder Skyking2020. A lot of their previous work has been focused on revamping various textures throughout Skyrim, including those of its most expensive furniture and majestic trees.

This time, they’ve decided to construct a charming little farming estate nestled among the autumnal forest of The Rift for you to move into, which comes complete with all of the crafting comforts you could need and enough rooms for all of the family and friends you might want to bring along to the fully Hearthfire compatible property.

As you can see in the wonderful selection of screenshots on its mod page, the farm manor building features three bedrooms, one of which is ideal for those who’ve chosen to adopt a couple of the province’s orphans, along with a fully-stocked kitchen, a basement armoury and plenty of lounge areas for you to sit back and unwind in.

If you venture outside into the grounds of the estate, you’ll find it has plenty more to offer, including a stable, which serves as a home for your horses and provides a shelter for an area dedicated to blacksmithing, allowing you to work on and craft gear out in the fresh air.

You’ll also find a garden and barnyard, which, as well as helping to complete the agricultural vibe, provide a means for you to grow and gather some fresh ingredients for cooking and alchemy without having to head off on a shopping trip to Riften.

So, if you’re looking for a change of scenery, pack your bags and get ready for a weekend getaway in southern Skyrim.

Regardless of whether your Dragonborn is now warming themselves by the farm’s roaring fireplace, make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the interesting world of Skyrim modding.

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