Skyrim modder makes going on a destructive rampage through buildings easier than ever

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Some destroyed objects in Skyrim.

No matter whether they’re just training at Sky Haven Temple or are in the heat of a real battle, Skyrim’s Dragonborn generally spends a lot of time attempting to inflict damage in a variety of ways.

Unless a training dummy is in the line of fire, the targets of each strike or spell cast by everyone’s favourite prophesied hero are generally fearsome foes like Alduin and the ebony warrior encountered in the midst of quests.

That said, sometimes life in the city gets frustrating, leading even the noblest of dragonslayers to consider turning their rage on an annoying, but friendly NPC. Thankfully for those regularly on the verge of succumbing to this urge, a new mod makes it easier than ever to take out a bit of frustration on an inanimate object instead.

Will your next Skyrim playthrough see you roleplay as a one-person wrecking crew?

The mod in question is called ‘Destructible Skyrim - Base Object Swapper’ and is the work of modder OddCoward, whose previous work has made a popular perk mod more compatible with other works and changed the name of one of Fallout 4’s most hated NPCs to Preston Gravy.

This time, they’ve made djjohnjarvis’s very popular ‘Destructible Skyrim - Breakable Objects SE (Beta)’ and made it easier to get working for those whose mod lists are fairly lengthy and therefore have to find ways to resolve conflicts between files.

In order to accomplish this, OddCoward has spliced the original destruction mod with modder powerofthree’s ‘Base Object Swapper’ a Skyrim script extender plugin that allows in-game objects to be swapped for others by mods more easily.

The result of this is a mod which allows you to do exactly the kind of smashing and destroying you can see in the video below without having to download patches to make the furniture in modded areas like those included in razorkid’s ‘Beyond Reach’ or the Beyond Skyrim team’s ‘Beyond Skyrim - Bruma SE’.

The only items that might still need a patch to be destroyable are custom assets included in other mods, meaning that as long as you’re looking at an item included in the vanilla game, odds are you’ll be able to smash it.

OddCoward also suggests that they’ll be continuing to work on adding more objects to the current list of destructible props and making patches to allow the mod to work seamlessly with others in the future.

So, put on your safety goggles, brandish your warhammer, smash away, and make sure to follow us for more updates on The Elder Scrolls 6 and the wacky world of Skyrim modding.

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