Sea of Thieves Vaults of the Ancients Update: Release Date, Dogs, Teasers, Patch Notes And Everything We Know

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Sea of Thieves has been getting near-constant updates since launch, and September brings another huge one.

The "Vaults of the Ancient" DLC is out now, here's all we know.

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Release Date

The new DLC will launched on September 9, so you can play now!

Developer Video

Check out the developer update below!


New Features

Treasure Vaults

Gold Hoarders will now stash their gold in vaults and will send players to retrieve their treasure. Players can deliver the goods, or steal it for themselves!

It also looks as though extra treasure is hidden in the vaults, too, but it'll require some puzzle-solving to secure it.

Larinna The Bilge Rat

Arriving at the Outpost is a new character, Larinna, but why she's here remains a mystery... for now.

In-Game Events

Expect limited-time modes, with a particular focus on "Talk Like A Pirate Day", which is on September 19... as if you didn't know that already.

Quality of Life Improvements

Longtime sailors of the seven seas will enjoy the following updates:

  • Island Name Banner Options - choose a lower profile name "pop-up" for when you approach an island.
  • Accessibility Options - a new "Single Stick" mode will let players toggle between movement and camera on one analogue stick.
  • Mysterious Notes - if you check in after a while and feel a little lost, you'll get a handy section in the quests menu to notify you of what's fresh.

Patch Notes

The patch notes haven't been released yet but when they are, we'll post them here!

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