Sea of Thieves September Update: Release Date, Platforms, New Content, Price, Patch Notes And More

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Sea of Thieves just seems to grow and grow, and while its August update focused on bug fixes, September is expected to bring fresh content to the open-world pirate title.

We'll be updating this piece as we get closer to the launch, but for now, here's everything we know.


What Is The September Update?

In truth, it's a little up in the air, but we do know that features planned for the August release will make their way to the game as part of September's update.

As per executive producer Joe Neate in a blog post:

“As we came off the back of our July release, we had an opportunity to assess our planned set of features for August – and it quickly became apparent that everything was coming in a little hot. Since we started working from home, we’ve definitely had to be a bit more flexible with our plans for each month, and as such we’ve decided to move our key planned features back to our September release.”


Release Date

As you'd imagine, the September update is expected in September, although a precise date is unclear.

Given that the game's current "Summer of Sea of Thieves Event" is due to finish on September 30, we'd expect it to come before then to keep players invested.

August's patch arrived around the middle of the month, but we'll update this as we find out more.


Platforms and Price

As you'd expect for an Xbox One and PC exclusive, the update will come to both platforms.

It'll also be free, and if you're an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you'll be able to enjoy it as part of your subscription on both console and PC.