Riot Games Reveals Five-Year Plan to Branch Out to Other Media

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2021 was a busy year for Riot Games, with the release of Arcane on Netflix, along with single-player LoL spin-off Ruined King doing well. Riot Games also settled its major lawsuit late in 2021, agreeing to pay $100 million dollars in a settlement, and now, the L.A.-based studio has outline a five-year media strategy that includes TV, music, and even movies.

During a lengthy blog post (thanks Rock Paper Shotgun), Riot said it wants to be the most player-focused gaming company around, though didn't actually mention what that means for its products and vision just yet.

"We’ll create groundbreaking gameplay, game events, and features to redefine fandom across esports, TV, movies, music, live experiences, merch, and more," Riot said.

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Riot Games Reveals Five-Year Plan to Branch Out to Other Media

The company also discussed how it will be handling work hours once things are safer, promising three work days in the office and two “flex” days where employees can choose to work from home.

The post commits to promoting a healthier and more inclusive workplace culture, "focusing on actions more than words" and adding a "diversity lens" to its internal evaluations, though as with any such promises, it remains to be seen how effective these measures are.

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