Redfall players aren’t sure it’s worth Arkane acknowledging and attempting to fix the game’s issues

Some Redfall characters fighting vampires.
Credit: Arkane Austin.

Some Redfall characters fighting vampires.
Credit: Arkane Austin.

Sadly for those who went into it seeking a quality Bethesda-published title to tide them over until Starfield arrives in September, vampire-based FPS Redfall doesn’t seem to be delivering a very pleasant experience.

Since the game’s release yesterday, it’s already received a lot of criticism from both reviewers and players, to the point that some have even become concerned about what its state could mean for BGS’ aforementioned blockbuster interstellar RPG.

Now, some of those who’ve been left disappointed by Arkane Austin’s latest work have started speculating as to whether it's worth the studio putting out a statement acknowledging its issues and providing a roadmap of fixes for them.

Do you think all of Redfall’s problems will eventually be rectified by post-release patches?

The bellyaching of these would-be bloodsucker battlers can be found in a recent thread on the subreddit r/redfall, which has been abuzz with posts showcasing all manner of bizarre bugs and quirky AI issues since the game dropped.

“Anyone wanna take a guess how long before we get a letter with Arkane studios logo on it, apologising for the state of the game and promising to fix everything?” asked Superflyt56, prompting a few predictions.

“Before Friday.” declared user Daughter_of_Hatred, while KiAergul was even more specific, saying: “I give it 24 hours. (I’ll probably come) complete with a roadmap.”

However, a surprisingly large contingent of players in the thread seemed to suggest that they don’t think any statement or efforts to rectify things will be worth waiting for, such as user Skydrove, who mused: “I give it three days after launch (for them) to make a ‘we are aware’ post (and) maybe two weeks before a patch fixes some minor visual bugs and performance (problems), but ultimately doesn't fix the core gameplay issues.”

On the other hand, user fanfarius mused: “I'm not so sure we'll actually get (a post) this time lads.”, while chadwarden1 suggested: “They have no reason to do that. The foundation of the game is garbage (and) any more time spent on it is just a complete waste of resources.”

The thread on the subreddit r/redfall.
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Meanwhile, a few users did seem to hold out a bit of hope for the game’s future, with Memey_ifunny saying: “Arkane should do what Hello Games did with No Man's Sky and just get back to work on repairing the game. If that game can make a comeback, so can this one.”

If your Redfall experience has been issue-free thus far or you plan on sticking with the game until it improves, make sure to check out our helpful guides to everything from its characters to similar games that might scratch the same itch.

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