Raven Software QA Strike Ends After Nearly Two Months, for Now

A Better ABK has announced the end of Raven Software's QA workers strike as a sign of good faith, which first began nearly two months ago. However, that's pending Activision Blizzard's "recognition of our union," the Game Workers Alliance (GWA).

As per PC Gamer, A Better ABK made this announcement via Twitter. For the unfamiliar, Quality Assurance workers at Raven Software (known for developing Call of Duty: Warzone) walked out in protest last December after a round of layoffs, despite Warzone's proven commercial success.

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Raven Software QA Strike Ends After Nearly Two Months, for Now

Right now, Activision Blizzard has a deadline of January 25 to recognise GWA voluntarily, after which they'll escalate this recognition process to the National Labor Relations Board. The strike took place alongside the ongoing controversies in Activision Blizzard, where allegations of sexual harassment and toxic workplace culture were reported.

Since then, Microsoft announced their Activision Blizzard acquisition plans last week, costing nearly $70 billion. ABK Worker's Alliance called this move "surprising," though they won't change their goals as a result. They stated:

(We) remain committed to fighting for workplace improvements and the rights of our employees regardless of who is financially in control.

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