Save Big During the PSN Golden Week Sale

The PSN Golden Week sale is live now, and contrary to the name, it lasts until May 12 and not just one week.

Golden Week celebrates all things Japanese gaming, so expect plenty of RPGs, large-footed children saving the world, hair with angst, and sweeping epics spanning the generations.

There’s discounts on dozens of major games, including Persona 5 Royal, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and more.

Note that this is separate from the Steam Golden Week sale, which is set to kick off around April 29.

The PS5 doesn’t have many Japanese games at the moment, but thanks to backwards compatibility, you can download any of the PS4 games on sale onto your PS5 or even an external hard drive.

PSN Golden Week Sale

Here’s just a handful of the deals you’ll find during the PSN Golden Week sale.

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