Steam Golden Week Sale 2021 Countdown

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honourThe Steam PC store normally holds sales throughout the year, but there are also several big tentpole events where the best sales and discounts are made available to users.

The next Steam sale isn't exactly seen as one of the 'big' ones, but it's still a great sale for picking up some decent games on the cheap.

The next sale is believed to be the Steam Golden Week Sale, which for anyone who doesn't know, normally champions games made in Japan.

What is Golden Week?

For those wondering about the significance, Golden Week in Japan is a series of four national holidays that take place within one week at the end of April.

April 29 is the birthday of the late Emperor Showa who ruled Japan during World War 2.

May 3 is 'Constitution Day' in honor of the ratification of the Japanese constitution in 1947.

Whilst May 4, known as Green Day, is celebrated to honour the environment. According to the jrailpass website, Emperor Showa was a lover of nature, flowers, and plants. So not the band if that's what you was originally thinking.

Finally, on May 5 it is 'Children’s Day' or the 'Boy’s Festival', a day to supposedly celebrate young men/boys in the country and wish them strength and success in life.

History lesson over, let's talk about games...

When is the Steam Golden Week Sale in 2021?

The unofficial website, has a timer counting down to the next big sale for the platform.

When it comes to Golden Week sale, it appears as though we have to wait a few more days, with the event set to begin on April 29, 2021.

Although this is not yet confirmed, the website does have a good track record for these events and it's pretty much a given at this stage.

Best Golden Week Game Deals From 2020

If you want an idea of what sort of games might be available, and the sort of prices or discounts you can expect to see, then no problem.

Below is a list of some of the best deals from the Golden Week 2020 sale (Via Gamespot).

We'll be sure to update Steam fans on the next Steam Golden Week sale as we get closer to the event going live.

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