PS4 load times cut down in The Last of Us Remastered

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PlayStation appears to be pushing major patches for some of its first-party titles ahead of the PS5’s launch. As spotted by VGC, players are reporting drastically improved load times in games like The Last of Us Remastered.

In a before-and-after comparison video, load times in The Last of Us on PS4 appear to go from more than a minute to just 14 seconds.


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On Sunday, outlets like Eurogamer and VGC reported that this feature had possibly been applied to Until Dark, as well, based on a Twitter post showing that the game had no loading screen on startup.

However, folks in the replies were quick to point out that Until Dark hadn’t actually been patched in years. And, after some investigating, the author of the original tweet conceded that the game had been like that since the release of the PS4 Pro years ago.

Some commenters are still chiming in to say that they’ve noticed faster load times in games like Spider-Man on PS4, too. But — given what’s happened with Until Dark — it’s possible this feature is exclusive to The Last of Us or a small number of first-party games.


Hopefully someone connected with Sony will address this soon.

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