Project Magnum Draws Comparison From Final Fantasy, The Matrix In New Trailer

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NAT Games’ Project Magnum (working title) has just released an official teaser trailer for their upcoming game. Releasing across PS4 and PS5 platforms, it's drawn a ton of reactions from the gaming community about what it could offer.

As seen from the footage of the video below, the game is close to a sci-fi setting, implying some level of fantasy aspects that we've previously seen from other games as well. Here’s the trailer for your reference:


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Project Magnum Is Final Fantasy x The Matrix

Project Magnum has some semblance with Square Enix’s Final Fantasy. Not just because of the visuals with auras and possible mythical/sci-fi creatures in the trailer. There's also the adventure aspect of the character, where it seems like Cloud Strife taking on his journey.

Furthermore, the sci-fi part is where things also get interesting. The vibe of popular franchises such as The Matrix could be seen, especially where the trailer highlights the game’s setting, and the alien-like creatures battled by the main character.


Overall, these comparisons aren't meant in a negative way. This trailer is still impressive on its own, and we may just have to wait before we get to know the game’s final title, alongside when it'll be released.

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