Prince of Persia Reboot: Release Date, Developers, Concept Art, Price, Platforms, Trailer, Gameplay and Everything You Need To Know

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Prince of Persia may have been shelved a decade ago as Ubisoft moved away from the series, but now a series of remakes and reboots are in the works.

Although the Sands of Time remake has been delayed until further notice, it appears we are getting another reboot in the near future.

This one appears to be a reboot of the original Prince of Persia!

Here's everything you need to know. 


Release Date

According to Twitter user Okami13_ the same YouTuber who leaked the Sands of Time remake has noted the following in their new video:

Ubisoft is working on a completely new PoP game that won't be a'll probably come out in 2023 or 2024. - Lazy Assassin 

So, while this still may be a while away; fans of the classic series have a lot to look forward to in the coming years!


Concept Art

Okami13_ also posted the following images of some concept art for the game which was shared by a Ubisoft artist via here. 

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Photos via Okami13_


Original Gameplay 

For those who did not have a chance to play the original Prince of Persia, check out some gameplay down below! 



Ubisoft, the original developers of the game will be taking the helm once again it appears! 



We can speculate the game will release on the following platforms: 

  • Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One
  • PS4/PS5
  • PC


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