Portal: Companion Collection Arrives on Switch Later This Year

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Tonight's Nintendo Direct was full of surprises with 3rd party publishers, as Valve revealed the Portal: Companion Collection is coming to Switch later this year. Bringing us both Portal and Portal 2, that joins other high-profile ports like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

Detailing this collection in a tweet, Valve confirmed:

Portal: Companion Collection, developed in collaboration with @Nvidia Lightspeed Studios, includes the full single player experiences of Portal and Portal 2, as well as Portal 2's full co-operative game mode, which is playable via split-screen, local, and online multiplayer.

Portal: Companion Collection Arrives on Switch Later This Year

Portal originally arrived in 2007, while Portal 2 followed back in 2011. Taking control of Chell, our goal was to escape a science facility controlled by GLaDOS, a murderous artificial intelligence GLaDOS, using a portal gun. We've got the full trailer below:

We got a lot of reveals during tonight's presentation. Nintendo also confirmed a new Fire Emblem Warriors entry, Mario Strikers: Battle League, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC. We also got a fresh look at Kirby And The Forgotten Land, Splatoon 3, and Advance Wars 1+2, giving us something for everyone.

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