PS5 Pre Order Accessories Will Be Shipped Early According To Sony

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Getting told that an item you ordered is arriving earlier than expected is always exciting.

This is especially the case when it relates to the next-gen consoles releasing in November.


Although consumers who ordered a PS5 will not be receiving the console any sooner, the accessories are set to arrive earlier than expected.

This includes the much-anticipated Sony PULSE 3D Headset.

Sony Reveal PS5 Accessories Will Arrive Early

In an email sent to consumers who have pre-ordered a PS5, Sony revealed the accessories will be shipped earlier than expected.


Check out @djmikeradio's post below:

Courtesy of @djmikeradio

Despite the news, a lot of PS5 consumers are confused at why this is significant if the console has not arrived first.


Well, a lot of the accessories for the PS5 are also usable on the PS4.

For example, the PULSE 3D Headset can also be used on the PS4.

This means consumers can try out the device before their next-gen console has arrived.

Overall, it's great news for people who have pre-ordered the PS5 with accessories.


Any less time we have to wait to receive our new next-gen tech is positive in our book.


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