Potential PS5 jailbreak shared on Twitter

An image of Playstation's PS5.

An image of Playstation's PS5.

As reported by VGC, a limited jailbreak for Playstation’s PS5 has seemingly been found and released, possibly allowing players to install unofficial software on the hardware and access menus that were previously out of reach.

Supposed footage of the jailbreak in action has been shared on Twitter by modder Lance McDonald, who’s previously been involved in the drama surrounding Nier:Automata’s infamous hidden door and developed a patch that makes Bloodborne play at 60 frames per second on the PS4.

Naturally, such a jailbreak could have serious consequences for the security of PS5 hardware.

What do you think this apparent jailbreak will mean for the PS5’s future?

The video posted by McDonald seems to show that the jailbreak gives users access to a debug menu with numerous options that cover different aspects of the console, from crash reporting to screenshot settings.

The end of the video appears to see McDonald install a currently delisted demo for survival horror game PT on the console via one of debug menu’s options, something that would normally be impossible to do on a PS5.

According to the exploit’s creator, it is extremely limited, relying on a specific iteration of the console’s firmware to be in action and still only having a success rate of around 30%, with multiple attempts supposedly being required to get it to work.

As a result of these limitations, plus another which VGC’s Chris Scullion suggests could mean that running programs like the PT demo will be a no go even if they’re allegedly installable, the jailbreak likely won’t be of much use to anyone outside of those curious about the console’s inner workings.

However, this doesn’t mean that its discovery won’t be concerning to Sony.

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