Nier:Automata Player Finds Secret Door No One Else Can Access

A promo screenshot for Nier:Automata.
Credit: Image via Mobygames.

Discovering obscure secrets in games isn’t a rare occurrence, with titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 still coughing up interesting little quirks and obscure details years after release.

However, it’s rare that an entire room goes unnoticed for years, with players not even having the slightest idea it’s there to be discovered.

This is seemingly exactly what’s happened to players of JRPG Nier:Automata, with one person having unearthed a hidden grotto that others are struggling to locate despite now knowing that it’s there to be found.

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This puzzling find began as the subject of a thread in the subreddit r/nier, with user sadfutago posting a full video of them finding the room in the game’s Copied City area, after having posted about it previously, captioning the fresh clip: “Hello, here is the video clip I recorded on my PS4 that I put on my USB of the door for the church hallway.”

To put it lightly, this revelation has sent the Nier community into a frenzy, with players questioning whether or not the find is a genuine secret from the game that no one had ever managed to discover or some kind of PC mod that’s being passed off as the real thing, even though such mods are impossible to make right now.

User thatwillROAR summed up the situation by saying: “I know ‘mod’ feels like the Occam’s razor in this situation but until equivalent mods/modding tools are found, I think it’s more likely this is real.”

They also pinpointed most of the doubt over whether it’s real, as being a result of user sadfutago “being extremely offline/not-tech-savvy” and therefore originally having struggled to provide a level of proof that the community were happy with.

One of the reasons that players were so sceptical of this new revelation is that it was believed all of the game’s hidden secrets had already been unearthed, with YouTuber Lance McDonald having unearthed a secret ending for the game back in January.

As a result, some users, including one on ResetEra, remain very cynical of the discovery, with Keym saying: “my guess is that this is some clever way to promote some new mod tools that aren't publically available yet” and one Reddit user suggesting that it could even be a promotion for the game’s upcoming Nintendo Switch version.

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