Modern Warfare 3 fans demand return of classic Prestige system

Modern Warfare 3 player aiming down sights of rifle with teammates and burning building in background
Credit: Activisio

Modern Warfare 3 player aiming down sights of rifle with teammates and burning building in background
Credit: Activisio

Modern Warfare 3 fans are demanding the return of the classic Prestige system from previous Call of Duty titles.

Although Modern Warfare 3 will introduce plenty of innovations ranging from movement changes to the Tac Stance mechanic, players preparing to load into Pre-Season are still hopeful that Sledgehammer Games will bring back the grind of working through each Prestige level.

The classic Prestige system debuted in Call of Duty 4 which transformed Call of Duty into the juggernaut it is today. Since its removal in favour of Seasonal levels, calls for its return continue to appear when a new release rolls around.

The latest call for classic Prestige to make its long-awaited return comes from Reddit user OneFlyWeAllFly who wants the long grind to reach the highest level to resurface once again.

The fan says: "Every Prestige resets you back to level 1 like it always used to be and bring back the permanent unlock as one of the rewards too." Judging by the comments, there are plenty of other players who also want Prestige back in Call of Duty. Another adds: "Considering how easy everything is to unlock, I would love the old system back."

Although resetting your level from the highest back to the lowest sounds counter-productive, Prestige added some duration to the process of earning the best guns and weapons in addition to reaching the top level.

On the other hand, some players aren't fans of having to unlock their favourite weaponry and killstreaks over and over again. One player thinks: "I don't really care what system we have at this point but personally, I don't feel like having to unlock everything again."

As a compromise between Seasonal ranks and the classic Prestige system, one player may have found a middle ground for future releases. The fan suggests: "If nothing else, let us rank up to 1000 right from day 1. Frustrating to hit level 55 or the seasonal cap and then the XP doesn't matter."

The chances of classic Prestige returning in Modern Warfare 3 are slim but Sledgehammer Games is no stranger to acknowledging player feedback. We'll have to wait and see if future titles will utilise a different levelling system to satisfy those who prefer Prestige and those who like the current structure.

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