Modern Warfare 2 fan claims game has the worst maps in CoD history

Screenshot showing Modern Warfare 2 players near building and Captain Price
Credit: Activision

Screenshot showing Modern Warfare 2 players near building and Captain Price
Credit: Activision

Map design often makes or breaks the success of a Call of Duty game. Typically, maps in Activision’s hugely popular shooter franchise feature a similar structure but in Modern Warfare 2, there aren’t many maps that float the boat of fans.

With Season 3 Reloaded moving into view, several members of the community are frustrated with hackers continuing to ruin ranked play which features a variety of battlegrounds based on their layout and spawn logic.

Despite Infinity Ward introducing new maps with most seasonal updates, one fan claims Modern Warfare 2 has the worst map pool in the entire Call of Duty franchise.

Are Modern Warfare 2 maps the worst ever?

According to Reddit user NickyGi, Modern Warfare 2 “has by far the worst 6v6 maps” following three and a half seasons.

“There is not a single map in this game that I enjoy,” reveals the player. “All the maps are dull and they have no character like the old CoD games.” As expected, there are plenty that agree with NickyGi. “Mediocre maps, poor game glow, poor game pace, and bad gameplay design,” comments another frustrated fan.

On the other hand, there are several members of the community that think the Modern Warfare 2 maps aren’t that bad. “I think the maps are pretty good, I don’t understand the problem with them,” replies one community member that doesn’t mind the current selection of battlegrounds.

“Maps are ok to good,” says another player that believes the spawn system is the main reason why some fans think the Modern Warfare 2 maps are worse than previous releases. With a few seasons of the cycle remaining, the chances of the maps improving are slim. However, there's still time for Infinity Ward to add new battlefields capable of improving the game across the board.

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