Modern Warfare 2 players demand removal of unpopular map

Modern Warfare 2 border crossing map and Captain Price
Credit: Activision

The selection of multiplayer maps in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer continues to split the opinions of players dropping into the action. While some are enjoying Infinity Ward’s unique designs, others are already looking forward to the return of Shipment.

The Season One update comes with the arrival of Shipment and another fan-favourite map, much to the excitement of players looking to take a stroll down memory lane once again. Although old maps always prove popular, others are wanting original designs to play.

As players prepare for a brand-new season, some are calling on the developer to remove a map that continues to cause frustration.

Players want Santa Sena Border Crossing out

Since launch, the Santa Sena Border Crossing map has acted as the cause of several rage-inducing moments due to the sheer number of cars capable of exploding as soon as anyone stands near one. Reddit user “PastaKeshi69” says Border Crossing “is the worst map” and needs replacing.

“There is just no fun to be had on this map in any game mode” claims the player. On the other hand, some believe that the map isn’t as bad as many think. “As long as you don’t go into the centre until the cars all explode, it’s really fun” argues another.

One fan believes removing maps is the last thing Modern Warfare 2 needs with the map pool only containing ten battlefields prior to the arrival of Shipment and Shoothouse. “If there’s anything they don’t need to do, it’s removing maps. They need to add more maps!” comments another concerned fan.

Santa Sena Border Crossing isn’t the best map on offer in Modern Warfare 2, but its unique design appears to strike a chord with many ducking and diving in between the traffic.

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