Modern Warfare 2 players question disappearance of unpopular map

Modern Warfare 2 Border Crossing disappeared
Credit: Activision

Thanks to seasonal updates, the Modern Warfare 2 map pool continues to expand at an impressive rate. At launch, fans were quick to criticise the selection due to their design and spawn system which continues to spark debate within the community.

The Season Two update saw Valderas Museum from the beta return alongside a remake of Modern Warfare 3’s Dome. Although many were left frustrated, Infinity Ward did tease the arrival of a brand-new map coming as part of Season Two Reloaded.

While the focus remains on the new maps, one of the more unpopular battlegrounds has vanished much to the delight of fans.

Unpopular MW2 map has vanished

After several matches following the most recent update, Reddit user starnelius noticed one glaring omission from multiplayer. “Did IW [Infinity Ward] remove Border Crossing?”

Other members of the community have also noticed the lack of Santa Sena Border Crossing during their multiplayer sessions. “I haven’t seen it either since Season 2 launched,” reports one fan. Starnelius hopes the developer has acknowledged player feedback and the map remains locked away. “Hopefully they keep it this way, and replace it with other maps.”

Known for the huge number of vehicles blocking the central lane, Border Crossing remains hugely unpopular because of its unusual layout and the high chances of a streak coming to an end thanks to a wayward grenade.

It’s unclear if the disappearance of Border Crossing is an intentional move from Infinity Ward or whether its current algorithm is prioritising Season Two maps over battlegrounds that have appeared since the game launch. Either way, many are extremely happy to see less of the map in their multiplayer sessions.

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