Modern Warfare 2 fans blast slow battle pass progression

Modern Warfare 2 slow battle pass progression
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 slow battle pass progression
Credit: Activision

The second season of post-launch content for Modern Warfare 2 is well underway. Players are getting to grips with the ISO Hemlock assault rifle in addition to the return of two multiplayer maps.

Alongside the new content, there’s a new battle pass containing a variety of Operator skins, cosmetic items, and weapon blueprints that add a touch of flair to the current weapon arsenal.

Despite all the new additions to earn, players have slammed the lack of battle pass progression as they attempt to earn tokens and move through each sector as fast as possible.

Is Modern Warfare 2 battle pass progression too slow?

According to Reddit user Clarkey80, the current rate of progression is far too slow. “I played for 45 mins today and unlocked one point in Hardcore. At that rate it will take me 63.75 hours of playtime to unlock the rest of the BP.”

As there are only 53 days remaining on the Season Two battle pass, managing to finish it in time is a tall order for those that don’t have the ability to drop into the action on a regular basis. Other members of the community aren’t enjoying the grind either. “I have five tokens so far,” reveals one fan. “Feels like I should have 15-20.”

On the other hand, there are some that believe that the current rate of progression is perfectly fine. “Don’t they have the double battle pass XP weekends and tokens?” questions one player that’s already eyeing opportunities to earn plenty of tokens.

Battle pass progression has changed in recent years. Vanguard’s battle pass progression rate was improved and if players continue to share their frustrations surrounding the Modern Warfare 2 battle pass continue, there’s always a chance things will change.

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