Modern Warfare 2 fans blast recent server performance updates

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Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 player wearing ghillie suit and holding gun and computer server room
Credit: Activision

Throughout Modern Warfare 2's cycles, server performance often causes frustration among players attempting to load into the action. Usually, Infinity Ward’s servers work without a hitch, but in recent weeks, reports of constant lagging and regular crashes have left fans wanting improvements.

Ahead of Season 4, players have recently gotten a first look at a classic map returning to multiplayer, though many have also been requesting that Infinity Ward addresses a broken perk that’s negatively impacting multiplayer action.

Alongside the new content, the developer has just shared an update surrounding server performance, but community members aren’t convinced.

Modern Warfare 2 servers are still broken

Reddit user exjr_ spotted the social media post which says “studio teams have made meaningful progress in deploying several server-related fixes and upgrades.”

Although the changes sound positive, players are still seeing their game crash midway through matches. “Fake news,” comments one disgruntled fan. “The only performance increase is their art team making new skins, faster than before,” implying the developer is focused on other areas of the game, rather than ensuring Modern Warfare 2 works as intended.

Infinity Ward states the upgrades have yielded “significant performance improvement”, which is positive news heading into the new season. Despite some players continuing to report crashes, the decrease in ping and packet burst will likely improve the experience across the board.

In addition to the server improvements, Activision and its developers seem to be providing further clarity on what they’re doing to actively address the issues players encounter when playing multiplayer.

For now, any server fixes are a step in the right direction, but we’ll have to wait and see if the improvements mentioned above act as a long-term solution, or whether Season 4 brings new game-breaking issues.

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