Modern Warfare 2 players slam major lag spikes ruining matches

Modern Warfare 2 player aiming down sights and sitting on helicopter
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 player aiming down sights and sitting on helicopter
Credit: Activision

The early days of the Modern Warfare 2 cycle have split players' opinions. Some are enjoying Infinity Ward’s latest multiplayer offering while others continue to experience issues impacting gameplay.

The lack of barracks and a game-breaking riot shield exploit turning players invincible is far from ideal and as attention turns to the start of Modern Warfare 2 Season 1, another issue is ruining multiplayer for many.

Lag spikes are nothing new in Call of Duty and typically appear due to interference with the connection of players. This time, players claim the servers are creating lag spikes ruining games for several players dropping into the action.

Modern Warfare 2 lag spikes cause mayhem

During matches, players with a stable connection are seeing their ping skyrocket to nearly 1000 causing them to skip all over the map uncontrollably. Reddit user “Car0l3Baskin” says they’re “getting constant latency spikes” making the game unplayable.

“Every now and then even larger spikes to 900/1000 ping” are impacting the player’s matches which is far from ideal. The user also says the “in-game latency value on the scoreboard is consistently recording me as being 15-25 ping,” suggesting the problem is server based.

The issue isn’t isolated. One commenter says they’ve encountered lag spikes since the game launched on October 28. With player connection working as intended, the problem appears to lie with the Modern Warfare 2 servers.

It’s unclear what’s causing the sub-par server performance but there’s a high chance the huge number of players jumping into the action could add some additional strain resulting in sudden stutters. Thankfully, the start of season 1 isn’t far away and there’s a high chance Infinity Ward will apply a variety of fixes in order to improve the experience for all.

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