Modern Warfare 2 Season 5 movement change divides player opinion

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Screenshot of Modern Warfare 2 player sprinting and crouching near tyre stack
Credit: Activision
Updated on August 4, 2023: Callof Duty has revealed the developers are working on a fix for an issue affecting Tactical Sprint.

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Mastering movement mechanics is an important to becoming a good Modern Warfare 2 player. Since the game's launch, players loading into the action have noticed significantly slower sliding and reaction speeds, resulting in a less hectic overall pace to play.

With Season 5 now underway, some players are loving the new Operator skins available via the battle pass, while others are attempting to master an instant dropshot mechanic in order to gain the upper hand during matches.

The latest topic of conversation in the community involves the movement changes that arrived in the Season 5 patch notes. Some players approve of the buff to sliding, but others are concerned by its potential long-term impact.

Modern Warfare 2 movement change splits players

To demonstrate the full extent of the changes, user TheRealPdGaming has uploaded a clip to Reddit of them sliding around with the new FR Avancer assault rifle in hand.

Judging by the comments on their post, many players believe the change arrived in Season 5 in order to acclimatise players to a new system ahead of the next entry in the series. One player even claimed: "This is a Sledgehammer Games change that got pushed early."

Although some players are happy with the early integration of Modern Warfare 3's expected movement speed, some are against the boost in pace. One player argued: "(The developers are) softening the blow so (that) MW3 can break cameras and snap necks with how fast its sliding speed is."

The theory that Sledgehammer Games applying its movement mechanics in Modern Warfare 2 before the launch of its new title and another Warzone experience would be a logical one, though there's no evidence to back it up right now. With several months to go until the next instalment of the shooter franchise arrives, there's plenty of time to fine-tune any issues the developer encounters.

Despite this, players aren't best pleased, one said: "I'm not a fan of this. (It's) just more spammy movement to be abused by sweats. I liked the slower-paced movement from before."


With one and a half seasons of Modern Warfare 2 remaining, we'll have to wait and see if further adjustments to movement and sliding speeds come into effect. As with most Call of Duty updates, it's hard to please everyone.

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