Modern Warfare 2 players slam objective layout on new map

Modern Warfare 2 Himmelmatt Expo map and Modern Warfare 2 Oni Operator holding Dual Kodachis
Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 Himmelmatt Expo map and Modern Warfare 2 Oni Operator holding Dual Kodachis
Credit: Activision

The selection of multiplayer maps in Modern Warfare 2 often splits the opinion of players jumping into Infinity Ward’s latest release. Despite plenty of original battlegrounds, the developer hasn’t managed to capture the imagination of fans in a similar way to previous titles.

As part of Season Two Reloaded, the Himmelmatt Expo joined the ever-expanding map pool to the delight of fans hoping it injects a breath of fresh air into multiplayer alongside the Tempus Torrent marksman rifle.

However, the map hasn’t generated much positivity among players that have dropped into the action. One fan has slammed the placement of the objective flags due to their massive imbalance.

Does Himmelmatt Expo improve Modern Warfare 2?

Although the ski resort setting makes a welcome change, Reddit user drdewd notices a huge inconsistency surrounding where the Domination flags are placed. “What the hell is this Domination setup?” questions the player.

The map overview showcases simplistic places for the A and C flags but instead of the B flag appearing in the centre of the action, it’s much closer to A giving one team a huge advantage over the other.

In addition to the unconventional layout, there are other features of the map that are grinding the gears of players. “It’s the sheer amount of angles, doorways, and clutter that stops the map flowing fluidly,” comments one user. “I think a more simpler, streamlined style would suit the game better.

Map layout and design often make or break a Call of Duty title. Considering Infinity Ward decided to move the release of Himmelmatt Expo up the order is certainly surprising after revealing play testing went well. Is it time for a return to simplistic, three-lane designs or will the developer fall back on re-releasing old Modern Warfare maps? Only time will tell.

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