Modern Warfare 2 player discovers iconic map outside of boundary

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COD Mobile highrise map and Ghost from Modern Warfare 2
Credit: Activision

The Modern Warfare 2 map pool continues to receive a mixed reception from players dropping into the action. On one hand, some enjoy the new battlefields but on the other, many are patiently waiting for the start of Season One and the arrival of a “fan-favourite” map.

The popularity of maps makes or breaks a Call of Duty title and with the possibility of the Breenbergh Hotel map disappearing altogether, the community is hoping Infinity Ward delivers on its post-launch content plans.

As players carry on working through the extensive range of camo challenges, some are managing to escape the confines of maps and uncover hidden secrets that include the discovery of an iconic multiplayer map.

Modern Warfare 2 player finds Highrise outside of map

During a private match on the compact Embassy map, Reddit user “I-Neeed-Memes” manages to escape the map boundary and after some exploring, the player finds the legendary Highrise map on top of a nearby skyscraper.

The central helipad is present but fans in the comments notice one glaring omission from the layout. “It ain’t Highrise without the cranes,” says one user. “Even Advanced Warfare’s Highrise had the cranes.”

There’s a chance the lack of cranes is down to the lack of detail on the map. If Infinity Ward plans on releasing Highrise as a multiplayer map, it’s likely the developer will fine-tune each detail in order to recreate the hugely popular battleground from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2.

While there are no signs of Highrise making its way to multiplayer anytime soon, the possibility of it featuring as a point of interest on the Warzone 2 map is very high. Eagle-eyed players have already spotted its layout on an early map overview along with other legendary locations including Terminal and Quarry.

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